Welcome to the Veenaagaanaalaya, Sreerama Center of Performing Arts – Professional Carnatic Music Training Center based in Bangalore specialising in vocal and veena Carnatic music.

Since its formal inception in 1973, by Vidushi M.S.Padmasini Narasimhachar the school has made remarkable strides in the arts and cultural scene in Bangalore, and has captured a niche space in the hearts of Bangalore’s music-loving audience.

With researched and reformulated teaching methodologies, the students are trained to professional outgrowth . We strive to sustain the interest of today’s students and cultivate and mentor them into becoming fine individuals who uphold their cultural links and values.We remain committed to present a relevant and enticing classical music format while never compromising on the traditional fundamentals.


  • Formal sytematic and methedological Vocal and Veena training in South Indian Carnatic Music from ages six years onward.
  • Encouraging and Preparing students to participate in Music festivals arranged by musical and religious organizations
  • Create Awareness among the youth about the necessity of learning Indian Music through various programmes
  • Presenting big scale musical productions involving students and local musicians.
  • Inviting local artists and visiting artists to perform as a part of music appreciation course
  • Arranging music demonstration lectures on various topics.
  • Conducting short term Music Courses which includes works of various south Indian Composers.
  • Reasearch in the field of Music Therapy