Veenaagaanaalaya ( Sreerama Centre of Performing Arts Trust)

Ever since its inception in the year 1973 by Vidushi Padasini Narasimhachar , our organization has been working towards the promotion of the rich culture of India through various cultural programs.  With over three decades of dedication and commitment we take it as a pride to have trained hundreds of students in the arena of cultural music.

The School has been organizing various music festivals in coordination with various organizations which includes Rangamudi Sangeethothsava, Sangeetha Prakashika, and Veena Music festival among the recent one.

Every year artists are honored and bestowed with titles in recognition to their contribution to the field of Music

Various other program of the institutions are

  • Samyukta Aashraya – Provide scholarships to the needy children to pursue their education. Currently we have nine students studying various courses
  • Samarpana- Working towards bringing back the tradition of music in the historical temples by organizing various cultural programs and music rituals
  • Sangaati – Associate with the government through various training program
  • Sanjeevini – Inculcate the value of Indian Ethos among the orphanage children and nourish interests in Indian Music and provide necessary training
  • Prakashika- We will be launching an online music journal very shortly